BeautyShot for Android v1.1

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What is BeautyShot?

BeautyShot is an Android camera application. It takes photo from the phone camera and then retouching (smoothing) the human skin. Hence, it makes you look even better.

How to use BeautyShot?

  1. Press the camera icon
  2. Start the camera, and take a photo by touching the screen. You can also select the correct white balance there, if auto white balance doesn't work for you.
  3. Select the beauty level (Level 1 = Light, Level 8 = Strong)
  4. Try to select the best beauty level to fit your skin. It would take times to process, please wait.
  5. Save the photo
  6. Click the save icon, and save the photo to your Gallery.
  7. View the photo back in Android Gallery.
  8. You can also share the photo to facebook in Gallery.


  1. How to get the best result?
  2. Few tips: Don't shot in the dark. Select the correct white balance.

  3. How to share to Facebook?
  4. Install "Facebook for Android", you would have an option "Share to facebook" in your Android Gallery.

  5. Why there is force close problem?
  6. Yes, it may happen. The BeautyShot requires alots of memory for processing. Hence, if your phone is out of memory, it may go bad.

  7. Why I cannot see the difference before & after?
  8. Seriously, because your skin is pretty well.

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