HTC Hero 中文输入法(版本:1.0)

找到國內有得下載 將它下載到SD card 然後Install!


對於我地呢d唔改ROM的人 實在太正!


    • Man
    • 2009 年 7 月 13 日 2:38上午

    I downloaded but it’s zip not apk. I can’t install it.

  1. Yes, unzip on your computer and copy the unzipped APK file to your SD card.

    • Man
    • 2009 年 7 月 14 日 2:52上午

    There’s no apk inside. I rename it from zip to apk and get it insatlled. however, i can get the touch chinese run smoothly, no matter CJ or Handwirttien Chinese.

  2. I am using fine with the hand writing input method, but CJ and other methods seems really not working so smooth!

    • Man
    • 2009 年 7 月 14 日 4:13下午

    You are lucky then, everytime I start the Chinese handwritting recon, it keeps prompting crash..

    I’m thinking if memory leak or re-install but dunno how to uninstall it beforehand.

  1. 尚無引用.

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