Nexus S 讀取 NFC Tag 測試

事先準備了一個NFC Tag 內有的 連結,把Tag放入Nexus S 的 盒內,再用Nexus S 讀取。


    • Edmond
    • 2011 年 3 月 26 日 11:14上午

    I’ve just purchased a Nexus S yesterday from Smartone-Vodafone HK and it seems that the youtube app is missing in the phone. I tried to install from the Market but it says it has been installed (but I can’t find it in launcher or system/application. Any clues as to what this problem is? Also, seems like phones from Smartone-Vodafone have all been opened and touched by their staff (to install lots of smartone-vodafone VAS apps & etc) :( Dislike.

  1. oh..I buy it from local store, so I am not sure about that, I have my youtube installed .. I think you better bring the phone back to Smartone and ask them why the youtube is missing!!

    • Kevin
    • 2011 年 9 月 15 日 10:04下午

    最近也想要嘗試NFC的功能,請問你的NFC TAG 是在哪裡購買的呢

  1. 尚無引用.

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