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Android 2.0 有相睇

Android 2.0 真係多好多FEATURES


  • Native Exchange support
  • Native Facebook support (syncs with contacts)
  • Browser improvements (double tap to zoom)
  • Completely updated Map, includes Layers (Transit, Wikipedia, etc)
  • Unified email Inbox
  • Multi-touch gestures (two-finger tapping in Maps)
  • YouTube widget (2 click uploads)
  • Car Home (Application meant to be used in car. Consolidated list of icons that helps you if you’re driving.)
  • Contacts have sub-menu with pertinent information for each entry (facebook, SMS, etc)

Multi-touch 終於都到啦 不過只能MAP用嗎? 不會吧。。。

另外,FACEBOOK Native Sync 可能係另一個HIGHLIGHT Features..